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Mattress Sizes | All You Need To Know

As far as lifestyle and comfort upgrades go, buying a new mattress is usually low […]

Why You Should Choose a Pocket Spring Mattress over a Bonnell Spring Mattress

While many consider innerspring mattresses to be old-fashioned, they are still super popular and widely […]

Here are 6 Ways You can get Conveniently Grab a Goodnite Mattress in Malaysia

I agree, these mattresses are quite comfortable. However, it can be a daunting task to […]

Joey vs. Origin | Which One is Better?

Joey and Origin are top brands in the mattress manufacturing industry of Malaysia. These products […]

Ikea Mattress Review 2022 | You need to read this!

Generally, Ikea is an affordable and popular option to consider with a wide range[…]

Ikea Mattress Sizes: All You Need to Know

Sleep! Statistics indicate that getting a good night’s sleep depends on the type of mattress[…]

Why Malaysians Prefer A Hybrid Mattress For A Good Night’s Sleep

Enjoy the best of both world with a hybrid mattress for a restful sleep.[…]

Mattress Buying Guide – How To Choose The Right Mattress In Malaysia

Buying a mattress in Malaysia can be confusing unless you know what to look for[…]

Why Natural Latex Mattresses Are Every Sleeper’s All-In-One Solution

A natural latex mattress provides body relief, is hypoallergenic, organically-friendly. Better yet, you can[…]

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Napure vs Getha Mattresses Review 2022: Which Is the Best Brand Right Now?

Napure and Getha are some of the best-known brands on the mattress market at the […]

Napure Mattress Review 2022: Everything You Need To Know?

Choosing a good mattress can provide you with a huge improvement […]

Which Mattress Topper should you get| Product Recommendations 2022

Do you think that mattresses and pillows are only bedding accessories that add comfort to […]

Ripple Mattress Review 2022 | Everything you should know about Ripple Mattress

The Ripple mattress is a type of mattress that is either built into or placed on top of a hospital bed […]

King Koil Mattresses Review 2022 | Should you purchase a King Koil Mattress? (Price and Product comparisons)

Are you having persistent back pain? That was me some months back until I realized […]

Top 10 Most Affordable and Value-driven Mattress Brands in Malaysia

There are plenty of brands that offer high-value beds at different price points for all types of customers […]

Getha mattress review 2022 | All you need to know!

The internet has made ordering a mattress from the comfort of your home or office […]

Dreamland Mattress Review 2022 | Is it worth the buy?

If you’ve been searching for a new mattress, you may have come across Dreamland Malaysia […]

Ecolux mattress review 2022 | Everything You Need to Know

ECOlux Mattress is a Malaysian-established company officially established in 2018. They offer a variety of […]

Joey Pillow Review 2022 | Things you need to consider

Coming home from a tiring day of work makes me look for a nice place […]

Seahorse’s mattresses review 2022 | Is it worth the buy?

*Disclaimer: Origin Mattress had asked of our in-house testers to produce an unbiased review […]

The Truth About Goodnite Mattress – An Exclusive Review On Goodnite Mattresses (Price Analysis)

Goodnite Mattresses have existed in Malaysia for over 30 years. The company has acquired […]

Polyester Pillows 2022 | You are going to want to read this!

A major portion of our lives is spent sleeping. To make this experience memorable […]

Joey vs Sonno | Tough Time Deciding?

Having a night of good sleep on a good and comfortable mattress is one of the top […]

The Truth About Sonno Mattresses | Sonno Mattresses Review

If you’ve been looking for a new mattress, you may have come across […]

The Truth About Sonno Pillows | Sonno Pillow Review

Pillows, like mattresses, play an important role in how well you sleep– and finding the right one can be difficult […]

Coway Mattress Review 2022 | Price and Product Comparisons

Quality sleep is an essential part of our overall health. A good night’s sleep strengthens the immune system […]

Honey Mattress Review 2022 | Price Comparisons!

Are you looking for a new mattress? The entire process of buying a mattress can be[…]

Goodnite Spinal Support Mattress 2022 Review

Goodnite Mattress is a popular brand in Malaysia. It is known for bringing high-end […]

The Truth About Sonno Mattress — A Detailed Review On The Original & Lite Mattresses

We put Sonno Mattress to the test to find out if it’s worth the […]

Cotton Pillows 2022 | All you need to know!

Today we will be covering the differences between Cotton and Latex Cotton Pillows! […]

You Need to Try this Ergonomic Mattress Topper

The only comfort that we need at the end of the day is a peaceful sleep. Needless to […]

Why is a Memory Foam Mattress Topper the best?

Are you struggling to sleep comfortably through the night? Is your old mattress […]

Best Pillows for Neck Pain Review 2022

Hard or soft pillow, both can be responsible for causing restless nights resulting in […]

Types of Pillows You May Need 2022 Review

Getting a good night’s sleep is valuable to each one of us, primarily when we work […]

Top 3 Pressure Relieving Mattresses

After a long day at work, we would want to get the most out of sleep, which is only […]

Top 3 Brands for Pregnancy Pillows

No doubt, pregnancy comes with never-ending happiness. The whole 9-month period […]

Best Pillows for Back Pain Review 2022

Most people experience at least back pain once in their lifetime, with symptoms […]

Best Pillows for Back Support Review 2022

Have you ever been called out to fix your posture?The truth is, even if you haven’t heard it from someone, some way […]

Origin Mattress Lowyat | Lowyat Announcement

Origin Mattress is always thinking on how to better serve customers, that’s always been our ultimate […]

Origin Mattress | Beware of Suspicious Bad Reviews

A reflection on our Mission & Progress Origin is commited to making the best mattresses, and […]

Origin Mattress – Bad Review & Good Review Collation

Origin’s motto is to create the best sleep products and deliver better, healthier sleep […]

Origin Mattress Scam – Beware of Fraud

It has recently come to our attention that there have been several cases of dishonest […]

Why should you get Memory Foam Pillows! | All you need to know

A pillow to our head is like a mattress is for our spine: the wrong ones give you nightmares. Some people […]

Why Should You Go for a Memory Foam Mattress Topper? | Product Review 2022

Investing in a good mattress is one of the best things anyone can do to improve their quality […]

Joey mattress review 2022| Price and Product Comparisons

A comfortable and good mattress is essential to get excellent back health & relaxed sleep […]

Cuckoo Mattress | 2022 Review

Cuckoo is a brand that is amazingly well-known throughout the nation. Famous for its water purifier services, it now […]

5 Best Baby Mattresses in Malaysia

Welcoming a new bundle of joy may just be the most amazing thing to happen to new parents. Preparing for their arrival, however, may get overwhelming […]

5 Best Bedsheets for You

Having a good night’s rest is essential for everyone, no matter how hard it seems to achieve it. A busy lifestyle might contribute to less than […]

How to Get Rid of Pesky Bed Bugsa

Bed bugs are a nuisance and they certainly do not scream safe and hygienic. They have also, unfortunately, become resistant […]

Vono SpinePro Mattress Series 2022 Review | Buyer’s Guide | Origin vs Vono

Vono has received international recognition for its exclusive and technologically advanced mattresses that have been known to reduce […]

Silentnight Mattress Review 2022 | Silentnight vs Origin

Silentnight has been a giant in the mattress industry since 1970. The brand boasts an impressive selection of quality mattresse […]

Tempur Mattress 2022 Review

Tempur’s origin story began when NASA developed a pressure-absorbing material to cushion and support astronauts during lift-off. The company then decided […]

IKEA Bedframe Review 2022 | Ultimate Guide

Finding the perfect bedframe might be a harder task than one might expect. There are many factors and characteristics to conside […]

IKEA Bedsheets Review 2022

A bed’s best accessory other than pillows is a bedsheet and not many of us know straight from the bat which one is the most suitable […]

Top Wooden Beds in Malaysia

Finding the perfect bed to fit the aesthetics of your room may be thrilling if you are into interior design or you are simply a fan of furniture looking tied […]