5 Best Bolsters in Malaysia 2023

Just like body pillows, bolsters make an incredible sleep accessory that comes with a ton of benefits. From promoting better spine alignment to alleviating your pressure points, bolsters can effectively improve the quality of sleep. Bolsters are especially beneficial to those who tend to sleep on their sides as they help support good posture and reduce the body cramps side sleepers often wake up with. Besides their endless benefits, bolsters take up the empty space on your bed and act as a great decorative item for your sleeping quarters. 

So, are you leaning towards getting yourself a plush bolster for better sleep? Well then, we have a handful of outstanding bolsters you can get your hands on! Without further ado, here are the 5 best bolsters in Malaysia:  

Ashley Summers Down Feel Fiber Bolster

You can get this exceptional bolster in-store or online at Harvey Norman. The Ashley Summers Down Feel Fiber Bolster is filled entirely with microfiber which makes it ultra-lightweight and cushy. However, unlike duck feathers and down-filled bolsters, this Ashley Summers microfiber bolster is hypoallergenic which makes it suitable for those who tend to suffer from allergies. Fortunately, despite its contrasting material, this bolster is just as soft as down fiber and is on the softer side in comparison to the other bolsters on this list so if you prefer a plush cuddle buddy, then the Ashley Summers Down Feel Fiber Bolster is perfect for you.

Besides being an ideal sleep companion, it works extraordinarily at helping you adapt to the side sleeping position and alleviating those pesky aches. Another bonus that comes with the Ashley Summers Down Feel Fiber Bolster is a removable and machine-washable silk-like cover. 

Prices & Sizing:

93cm x 20cm – RM99

Sonno Bolster

The Sonno Bolster is designed for side sleepers, its polyester and polyurethane PU foam interior gives you the best of both worlds in terms of texture. The Sonno Bolster is perfectly soft to cuddle with while being simultaneously firm enough to support the sensitive areas on your body that are prone to injuries.

Hugging this bolster not only promotes good posture but also relieves muscle tension in the shoulders, arms, and back. Simply placing the Sonno Bolster in between your legs as you sleep can enhance blood circulation throughout the body and in turn, improve the quality of sleep. The Sonno Bolster comes with a knitted cover that is machine washable but it doesn’t just end there, the entire bolster can be hand washed in cold water to maintain hygiene in your sleeping quarters. 

Prices & Sizing:

93cm x 20cm – RM99

Getha Lux Bolster 

Made of 100% latex, the Getha Lux Bolster is an excellent sleep accessory to help transform your sleep for the better. Although firm to the touch, latex is fantastic at shaping to and supporting the curves of the body, taking the edge of those fragile pressure points. As quick as the Getha Lux Latex Bolster is at conforming to contours, it also bounces back to good as new in seconds so you can expect this durable bolster to be a long-lasting option. Its pinhole design allows for better ventilation, preventing you from breaking out in a sweat during sweltering nights. You can also expect the Getha Lux Bolster to be naturally cooler when nestled against your body because of its latex interior. Latex is also a natural repellent to dust mites and other contaminants that could cause your allergies to act up. The Getha Lux Bolster however does not come with a removable cover but it is encased in teddy fabric, a mix of cotton, polyester and acrylic to enhance the cuddle experience. 

Prices & Sizing:

93cm x 20cm – RM332.10

Lunox Bolster

Another latex option we have on our list is the Lunox Bolster. The Lunox Bolster is made up of 100% latex but its customizable features are what makes this bolster a must-have accessory in your bedroom. Not only can you customize the length of the Lunox Bolster to better fit your height but you can also choose between a soft or medium-firm version of the same bolster.

The Lunox Bolster is specifically designed to provide extra comfort and support your shoulders, back, hips and knees. It also comes with a pinhole design to enhance the breathability and cooling effect of the bolster to prevent that clammy feeling when pressed up against it. The Lunox Bolster is extra flexible to allow for it to mold to the curves of your body more effectively. So if you’re looking for a bolster tailored just for you, then the Lunox Bolster is your best bet!

Prices & Sizing:-


98cm x 20cm – RM350


Leave it to the IKEA team to design a remarkable bolster that will not break the bank. The BACKTRAV Bolster consists of 100% recycled polyester and is encased in a cotton case. Because of its polyester filling, the BACKTRAV Bolster is hypoallergenic which means it keeps you safe from pesky allergies. Its polyester interior is also odor-free and keeps any strong smells at bay to prevent any disruptions in your sleep.

The BACKTRAV Bolster is lightweight and quick to dry so if you are someone who tends to drool or sweat in your sleep, you can expect the BACKTRAV to be dry as a bone at the least. Since this bolster is on the softer side, it’s great for snuggles and provides moderate support at easing the aches in your joints. Although the cotton case is not removable, you can simply throw the entire bolster into the washer for a quick clean. 

Prices & Sizing:

91cm x 23cm – RM55

Bolsters are great sleep accessories to help you turn those sleepless nights into deep slumbers that will have you waking up feeling rested and energized. However, bolsters are not the only accessory you need for quality sleep, pillows are just as essential. And now that you know where to get your hands on the best bolsters Malaysia has to offer, let us introduce you to an over-the-top pillow to go with your newly bought bolster. 

Say Hello to The Origin Superior Coolmax Latex Pillow

As an expert bedding and pillow manufacturer, Origin has established itself as one of Malaysia’s top-tier brands. Their award-winning bedding products are constructed and produced in Germany. Among their array of notable products is their Superior Coolmax Latex Pillow which offers responsive foam support. 

This latex pillow ideally adjusts to the curves of your head and your neck and its impression-resistant property enables the pillow to simply return back to its original state after each use. 

With the Origin Superior Coolmax Latex Pillow, you will also be getting a TENCEL™ Fabric Removable Pillow Cover as well. TENCEL™ Lyocell fibers have been known to be naturally softer than cotton and for their temperature-regulating ability which will keep you cool and breezy even in sweltering weather. 

Price and Sizing:

65 CM x 40 CM – RM400

Click here to find out more about the Origin Superior Coolmax Latex Pillow or to know more about the exemplary brand.

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