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Dunlopillo Mattress Review 2023

Time is something that has everything growing older including our mattresses, some of us want to buy new ones and some want to replace their old one’s. And the biggest question we’re faced with is, what type of mattress would be the best? Here is a list of Dunlopillo mattresses that might just catch your […]

5 Best Metal Beds in Malaysia 2023

Finding the right bed frame is imperative. A good and solid one can last you years to come and save you the cost of purchasing a new one soon after. The right bed frame not only ensures you have a good night’s rest but also helps support your body evenly for optimal performance the next […]

5 Space-Saving Beds in 2023 (For Your Tiny Living Quarters)

Is your bed taking up all the space in your bedroom? Then it’s about time we let you in on a furnishing secret that could just help you with your bulky-bed problem. Behold! Space-saving beds, a revolutionary design that will do the trick of uncovering all the vacant room you actually own. We, the sleep […]

5 Best Maternity Pillows in Malaysia 2023

Maternity pillows are a much-needed sleep accessory for expecting mothers as they are made to cushion and support a growing belly. Pregnant women tend to endure countless sleepless nights trying to find a safe and comfortable position. As it encourages blood circulation, side sleeping is the best position for pregnant women however, that too can […]

5 Best Sofa Beds in Malaysia 2023

If you’re planning to move into the city, chances are you will find yourself struggling to find a home big enough to house your dreams. There are plenty of ways you can optimize your living space without compromising the style and design you have been dreaming of. One of them is to purchase a comfortable […]

Patchwork Bedsheet Review 2023 l Ultimate Guide

Do you prefer a more colorful bed sheet as opposed to the regular plain linen sheets? Constantly on the internet to see what type of sheet would compliment the style of your room? Here is an option that perhaps has not crossed your mind yet. Patchwork. Most people would envision a sheet that looks like […]

5 Best Foldable Mattresses in Malaysia 2023

Finding the right mattress that fits your needs can be quite the challenge, particularly for those who enjoy traveling, having friends and family over, enjoying a day out or even camping. A foldable mattress will be the most suitable option not only because it is portable but also because you can easily store the mattress […]

5 Best Solid Wood Bed Frames in Malaysia 2023

Solid wood bed frames are generally more high-priced because of its exceptional material. Not only are they more durable and sturdy, but they work like a charm if you’re looking to revamp the flair in your bedroom.  Now, solid wood bed frames are not to be confused with engineered or manmade wood bed frames as […]