Emma Mattress Review 2023: Best Mattress Guide

Finding the right mattress that accommodates your sleep needs can be a complex task, especially with an endless amount of options out there. From trying to figure out the right level of firmness to navigating through an extensive range of materials, mattress shopping can be exhausting. It fortunately can be made simple if you consider these three things when selecting your ideal mattress. To further corroborate these aspects, we will also be reviewing the Emma Mattress for an in-depth analysis.

Things to Consider When Choosing a Mattress

Sleep Position – You can figure out the ideal mattress firmness that works best for you by paying attention to your usual sleep position. A medium-firm mattress is favorable for back sleepers for perfect spine alignment as you sleep, whereas those who tend to sleep on their belly would benefit from a firm mattress to support the pressure points on the body from sinking in too deep into the mattress. On the other hand, side sleepers should either opt for a soft or medium-firm mattress as firmer mattresses could exert too much pressure on your shoulders and hips. 

Materials – Foam, coil and latex are the three main categories when it comes to mattress materials. A latex mattress is ideal if you are looking for a bouncy yet medium-firm mattress that gently supports your pressure points. However, if you prefer a sturdier mattress that supports your back better, a coil mattress is your best bet. And if you prefer sinking into your mattress, a foam mattress is soft yet flexible enough to conform to your body’s contours. Another alternative option is to save yourself the trouble and pick a hybrid mattress that usually consists of all three materials so you can reap the benefits each material has to offer. 

Bodyweight– Your body weight plays a factor in the pressure exerted on your body by the mattress. Those with a smaller frame should opt for softer mattresses as less pressure is exerted onto the mattress, for it to properly cradle and support the sleeper. In contrast, sleepers with a larger frame should go for a medium-firm or firm mattress to ensure the sleeper does not sink into the mattress too much, exerting far too much pressure on the joints.

Now that we have covered what to consider when choosing your ideal mattress, let us take a look at the mattress that took the world by storm and made its way to numerous stores in Malaysia – The Emma Mattress. The Emma Mattress received immense recognition because of its reliability and affordability and in our extensive review, we are going to break down the qualities that make the Emma Mattress a splendid choice. 

The Emma Mattress

The Emma Mattress is an all-foam mattress that consists of polyester and memory foam, resulting in a responsive and supportive mattress. This exceptional mattress rates a 5 on the firmness scale, making it ideal for a range of sleep positions. The Emma Mattress gives you the best of both worlds so sleepers can enjoy that feeling of sinking in, all the while reveling in the mattress’ contour-conforming abilities. 

As it molds to the curves of your body, the Emma Mattress relieves the pressure exerted on your body and alleviates pain often experienced in your pressure points. The cluster of foam layers is designed to support weights of up to a 100 kilograms however effectively, the Emma Mattress may lack support for stomach and back sleepers who weigh over a 100 kilograms. 

While most foam mattresses run hot by retaining the body heat of the sleeper, the Emma Mattress is engineered with a Particle Cool Infusion technology within its layers to enable enhanced breathability and quicker heat dispersal. So, it’s safe to say that the Emma Mattress will keep you fairly cool on warmer nights but it does not live up to mattresses that come with a cooling feature. 

Notwithstanding its minor drawbacks that may be a deal breaker for some, the Emma Mattress definitely takes the cake when it comes to the amount of features it puts forward. For instance, the Emma Mattress integrates a 7-zone ergonomic support system that helps with distributing weight evenly across the mattress, relieving pressure on sensitive areas and encouraging proper spine alignment. 

Another notable feature of the Emma Mattress is its motion-isolation technology feature that keeps your pressure points and joints securely in place despite how much you toss and turn in your sleep. This is achieved because the Emma Mattress prevents any movement from transferring across the surface so if you happen to sleep next to a light sleeper or happen to be one, distracting movements will not wake you from a restful night of sleep. 

The Emma Mattress gets its resilience from its responsive nature so sleepers can expect this mattress to bounce back to new after every use. Many foam mattresses usually sag at the edges over time but because of the Emma Mattress’ transitional layers, the stability extends all the way out to its edges. The foundational support built within the mattress makes it easy for sleepers to crawl in and out of bed without any struggle. 

Since the Emma Mattress is a foam mattress, sleepers can expect this mattress to be hypoallergenic which makes it safe for those who suffer from allergies. The polyester blend cover swaddled over the Emma Mattress is both removable and machine-washable, making it convenient enough to maintain the mattress’ hygiene. The blend incorporated in the cover makes sleeping over top the mattress more comfortable, even without a bedsheet. 

Prices and Sizing:

  • Single – RM 1,290
  • Queen – RM 1,978
  • King – RM 2,408

The Emma Mattress has undoubtedly stood up to its fame with its incredible qualities and could possibly be your ideal mattress. However, granted that the Emma Mattress comes with certain drawbacks that may not meet your sleep needs, we have another option up our sleeve that might just end up being your dream mattress.

The All-Encompassing Origin Hybrid Mattress

Introducing the Origin Hybrid Mattress. This impeccable mattress is the only six-layer mattress in Malaysia and it features: 

  • CloudCool™ Memory Foam- Regulates the cooling surface of the mattress
  • Plush Tencel™ Pillowtop – Creates an ultra plush sleep surface 
  • Natural Latex -Gently cushions and buoyantly supports you as you snooze
  • Pocket Springs – Minimizes pressure points and instantly adjusts to any movement 
  • Zero Motion Isolation Technology – Allows you to toss and turn as you please without quaking the entire bed
  • Unparalleled Durability- Everlasting and bounces back into shape without sagging over time

Prices and Sizing:

  • Single – RM 1,225
  • Super Single – RM 1,531
  • Queen – RM 1,839
  • King – RM 2,487

We hope that this guide takes you a step closer to finding your dream mattress because there’s nothing better than a good night’s sleep. Dwell deeper into the Origin brand by clicking here to check out more exceptional bedding products!

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