Here are 6 Ways You can get Conveniently Grab a Goodnite Mattress in Malaysia

I agree, these mattresses are quite comfortable. However, it can be a daunting task to find them. There isn’t a wide online availability, among other things. You wouldn’t want to waste time shuffling through the local stores to find a Goodnite mattress, right? You will end up wasting countless hours, and fuel, to end up exhausted.

Don’t you worry! I have made things easier for you. There are five best ways to find Goodnite mattresses. I’ve compiled this list to make things convenient for you to find and purchase. Let’s take a look:

1. Visit The Website

Since everything is available online these days, so are Goodnite mattresses. Perhaps, you may find it difficult searching for it online on the e-commerce platform, you can buy it easily on their website. On the page, you will get thorough information about the mattresses (fabric and technology used). 

Once you are fully satisfied with the product quality and other information, click on the Goodnite Outlet (button on the top-right) or visit directly from here. Here, you will get all mattresses and other Goodnite products. Here on this page, you will see the products are categorized into 3 house areas (bedroom, living, dining). Click on Bedroom and apply the filter of Mattress. Now, you can buy any mattress according to your room size requirements. The product descriptions and specifications are accurate, you will get exactly what you will buy online through the Goodnite Mattress website.

2. Visit Headquarters

If you do feel like buying online, or do not get a preferred mattress, you can step down into the Goodnite Mattress headquarters in Selangor. You can find the complete address here. Tap on Click to view by Waze view the location on Maps.

In the headquarters, you will get all the mattresses available. Moreover, there will be sales executives who can help you find the best mattress according to your need. Therefore, if you are unsure which mattress is suitable for you; tell them their requirements, they will suggest the best options available in the store. 

Moreover, if you or someone in your family has spine issues, you can talk to the sales executive, who will help you tell the pros and cons of each mattress and guide you to finalize the right mattress as per the severity of the spine issue. 

It is my personal experience; these mattresses are too comfortable for me who has a constant backache issue. I can now sleep well with comfort. If they were not comfortable, I could not even sleep on them.

3. Goodnite Outlet

There are many Goodnite outlets in Malaysia where you just need to go and tell your requirements, and you will get the mattress as per your demand and requirement. 

Since it is a brand outlet you can expect to get good offers and discount prices. Although the prices are quite competitive, you may get further discounts too. You can check the list of Goodnite outlets here. 

Total of 12 outlets are available in Malaysia (7 in Klang Valley and 5 outstations)

If the headquarters and brand outlet are far from your residence, you can still buy Goodnite Mattresses conveniently from their exclusive dealers.

4. Exclusive Dealers

I personally bought a Goodnite mattress from an exclusive dealer in Klang Valley. Exclusive dealer stores are more or less like headquarters only. As the name suggests, these dealers sell only the Goodnite brand’s mattresses. 

Here too, you will find a wide range of Goodnite mattresses and sales executives who will help you find the best mattress according to your requirements. These sales executives have a thorough knowledge of the product and its functionality. You will not find anyone getting confused or suggesting a wrong pick for you. Moreover, if this dealer store is near your place, you will not need to roam for support. You just need to simply visit and ask for support whenever required. Since they are exclusive dealers, they can serve you better. 

You can find a list of exclusive dealers here. Find your nearest dealer and shop for Goodnite mattresses conveniently in Malaysia.

5. Authorized Dealers

Unlike exclusive dealers, such dealers sell Goodnite mattresses as well as other mattresses. However, that does not mean that you get less variety here. If you could find an exclusive dealer store near you, visit the authorized dealer store so that you rest assured that you get the right quality and legit products. 

The advantage of stepping into the authorized dealer store is you get the original products. I have seen many shops claiming to sell Goodnite mattresses, yet their products are not reliable.

Visit this page and find the Goodnite authorized dealer near you. Any dealer that claims to be their authorized dealer other than those given in the list on the website, is not reliable. I suggest not buying from them. 

6. For Businesses & Projects

Hotels, airports, spas, and many such public places require mattresses to offer comfort. If you plan to buy Goodnite mattresses in bulk for non-selling professional purposes, visit here and look for the best option according to your business purpose (Export & Projects). Once the purpose is selected, send them an inquiry through e-mail or WhatsApp. They will probably reply in the ideal timeframe. 

To buy in bulk for non-resale purposes, sending an inquiry request is the most appropriate option for you.


When it comes to mattresses, the very first thing that comes to mind is comfort. Everyone wants to sleep peacefully on the most conventional mattresses. This brand’s mattresses are made with Dual Layer Pocketed Coil System and Double Posture Coil Spring System that offer a next-level sleep experience. Now you have the 6 best ways to buy these mattresses.

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