Goodnite Spinal Support Mattress 2022 Review

Goodnite Mattress is a popular brand in Malaysia. It is known for bringing high-end quality to its customers. Their mattresses, pillows and other products are primarily used in the hotel line. Thus, they deliver high-quality sleep with impeccable comfort. Often, the company claims to be the number one bestseller of mattresses in Malaysia. It has received enough awards and recognition to keep up with the claim.

Now, with all of that in mind, we are here to see how far these claims go. Is the company worth it? As back support and spinal health has become indispensable in today’s world, we have decided to look through their Spinal Support Mattress and get an in-depth analysis:

The All-New SpinalHealth Spine Support Mattress

The new Goodnite SpinalHealth Spine Support Mattress falls under the luxury mattresses category of the company. It comes with a three-zone pocket spring system. The fabric is imported to match the quality while you receive optimum comfort.

The individual pocket spring means that the mattress adjusts to your body’s posture. It will support the back firmly to bring you the most comfort. There is a Euro top comfort layer for a cosy sensation.

You also get the same hypoallergenic and antifungal, antibacterial, and antiparasitic qualities the mattresses are known for. Additionally, a mattress with cooling air ventilation prevents heat build-up and maintains the ideal temperature for comfortable sleep.

It is a 12-inch-thick mattress, and it is quite the bargain for the price. After all, we all know that their luxury mattresses at 12-inch range for King and Queen size go at around 3,000 RM.

That is not even the best part. With the spring system, you get minimal partner disturbance. So, if you sleep with someone, you will not get disturbed by them changing their body positions.

While it maintains excellent spine support, you can have a medium to firm feel on the back and body. This ensures that you receive delicate support without causing any stiffness to the body. It is available in multiple sizes, making it a pretty versatile choice.

You also get Italian embroidery to make up for the aesthetics. So, it is a plus point. Overall, you are getting quite a convenient addition for the back support.

Price (4/5 Star)

There are four different sizes available with different price ranges:

  • Single size will cost 800 RM. It would depend on the shopping platform you are using.
  • Super Single size will cost 900 RM.
  • Queen size will cost 1,200 RM.
  • King size will cost 1,300 RM.

From their typical price of around 3,000 RM for luxurious mattresses, Goodnite mattress has done a wonderful job. Therefore, they deserve the credit for their Spinal Support Mattress at a better affordable range than others.

Quality (3/5 Star)

In terms of quality, there is a little compromise. The mattresses are not precisely using the fabric their luxury mattresses are known for. There is a difference between the three-pocket spring systems and their signature spring system. This is to make the mattresses more affordable.

Italian embroidery is admirable but does not impact the quality. The imported knitted fabric is quite a nice touch. It is overall a balanced quality.

The 3-star rating is because they claim it as a luxury mattress. For that, it does not match the mark.

Comfort Level (4/5 Stars)

Once again, Goodnite has done an excellent job providing you with the comfort you deserve. It brought you a mattress that maintains medium-level firmness at best. So, it does not go rigid on you to make the nights uncomfortable.

You also get the 4D air ventilation system to regulate the temperature. So, it is overall a pretty comfortable mattress.

Value (4/5 Stars)

You get the 12 years warranty that maintains quality and resilience. There are free pillows and other benefits. You also get easy delivery, but that would depend on the vendors. It comes with all the signature qualities like antifungal, antibacterial properties. So, overall, it maintains a good value for money.

Let us Compare It to Origin Hybrid Mattress

This is the baseline model known as the Hybrid Mattress. One of the best things about Origin Mattresses is that you do not have to look through hundreds of different options. We have made sure to blend various technological advances in a single mattress.

For starters, the Origin hybrid mattress comes with a high-grade stress-relieving foam. It means that you receive top-grade springs and a natural latex covering. You get a pretty bouncy mattress without compromising the firmness. The mattress is also certified, so that is a plus point.

It is not just a spinal support mattress. While Goodnite brings you one such mattress, it is not suitable for everyone. That is not the case with Origin Mattress. We have combined all the aspects and different supports by using the memory foam. As a result, the mattress is suitable for anyone to use.

There are certain other qualities that you receive:

  • You get the natural latex layers for added comfort.
  • The cooling memory foam regulates temperature. You get at least a 5-degree Celsius cooler experience.
  • The same pocket springs as the Goodnite Mattress, but with thousands of fine springs for best quality.
  • You can use the mattress for 120 days as a trial if you want. That is right! There is a no question asked money-back guarantee for 120 days.
  • It is also available in all four sizes.
  • You get 15 years of warranty with the purchase


If you do not want to get into the hustle-bustle of comparing spinal supports, you should choose Origin Mattress. You get the doctor recommended and a certified mattress. It also comes with trial and firm support. So, if you do not find it comfortable, you can always return it. But the best part is that you get the support for everything, not just the spine. As a result, it is highly versatile and easy to use the mattress. There are many other features with it.

So, if the price is not the determining factor for you and you need a long-lasting and high-quality mattress, Origin would be better. Otherwise, Goodnite is cheaper, and that is the only thing that makes it worth considering.

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