Ikea Sofa Bed Review 2023

Sofa bed is a 2-in-1 furniture which combines both a sofa and a bed. It takes up little space and is easily convertible. Sofa beds  can be easily shifted when not in use or if you intend to move the sofa around to fit your preferences. Sofa beds also have plenty of storage space beneath them.

Choose from some of IKEA’s best sofa bed to add your home to for a more comfortable sleeping arrangement.


This 3-seater Friheten sofa bed is made entirely of polyester. Polyester is a long-lasting material that can be used for a long time. The bedbox is made of plywood which is an excellent material to use as a frame as it is durable and less prone to damage. This is a sofa that can be readily converted into a bed anytime. This makes it the perfect place for guests or even you to sleep on.

There is also a large storage space under it which is convenient as you can store bed linens in it. This sofa bed includes three back cushions as well as a non-removable cover. The cover can be easily vacuumed and wiped clean using a damp cloth.

This sofa bed comes in a variety of colors that customers can choose from depending on their prefence of lighter or darker colors. The colors include Bomstad black, Hyllie beige, Hyllie dark grey, Skiftebo blue and Skiftebo dark grey. It also comes with a 10-year guarantee, so if there is any issue with the sofa bed within that time period you can return the product to either get a new one or a refund. You can easily purchase your favorite variation of sofa beds from IKEA.

Price: Ranges from RM2,295 to RM2,995


The Vimle is made of 100% polyester and the mattress is made of foam. The mattress for the sofa bed is 12cm thick. The mattress also had high-resilience foam that provides comfortable support to your body and allows for a good night’s rest. The seat cushions are also filled with high-resilience foam that provides support for the body and it also regains its shape as soon as you get up which gives the sofa bed longer life. Not only that, the sofa sections can be combined in different ways from the shape and size that is to your preferences.

The sofa can be easily transformed into a cozy bed, making it the ideal place for sleeping for guests if you do not have enough mattresses. To get a comfortable back support you can use the sofa’s back cushion to lean it against the bed.  The mattress comes with a removable cover that can be machine washed making the mattress easy to clean.

The mattress cover has to be washed separately and at a max of 400c.  The sofa bed has to be wiped clean with a dampened cloth in a mild cleaner and then wiped dry with a clean cloth.  In addition, the bed frame and armrest are to be cleaned with a duster or vacuumed lightly using the soft brush attachment.

Vimle sofa bed comes in multiple colors, some are Saxemara light blue, Gunnared medium grey, and Hallarp beige are a few of the colors. This sofa bed also comes with a 10-year warranty and can be purchased on the official website of IKEA.

Price: Ranges from RM3,734 to RM3,974


Nyhamn is a 3-seat sofa bed with a foam mattress. This sofa bed can be thanks to the click mechanism. So all you have to do is pull the underframe upwards and fold down the backrest. The good thing about this is that you do not need to remove the cover when converting from sofa to bed and back. In addition to that, there is storage space under the sofa that is designed to store things.

Customers can choose from different mattresses and a variety of covers to create a combination that suits them. The cover for the sofa bed is removable and can be washed using a washing machine and can be sent for professional dry cleaning. Bleach should not be used for the covers and it cannot be sent for tumble dry. The sofa bed is to be wiped clean with a damp cloth.

This sofa bed comes with a 10-year warranty, which you can use if there is any issue with the product within that time frame. Easily purchase it online here or you can visit any of their physical stores to get a better feel of the sofa bed.

Price: Ranges from RM1,195 to RM1,595


This Friheten is a corner sofa-bed with storage. It is a sofa, chaise lounge and double bed in one. This sofa bed is easily convertible as all you have to do is remove the back cushion and pull out the underframe then it becomes a spacious bed. Not only that the chaise lounge can be easily shifted either to the left or the right of the sofa depending on your preference. It can also be used to store things such as books and bedding as there is a big storage space beneath the chaise lounge.

There are a few colors for this sofa bed which are Bomstad black, Hyllie beige, Hyllie dark grey, Skiftebo blue, and Skiftebo dark grey. With a 10-year warranty, you won’t have to stress out about any defects as you can easily replace them according to the terms and conditions. You can purchase your own Friheten sofa bed to bring life to your space.

Price: ranges RM2,495 to RM3,495


Holsmnund sofa bed is made of a hardwearing, cotton, and polyester cover with texture and a soft feel. There will be 5 back cushions included with the purchase of the sofa bed. Depending on how you angle the loose back cushions the seat depth and total height will change. If the sofa bed ever gets dirty you can just clean it using a vacuum and also wipe any dust using a damp cloth. Not only that if anything spills onto the cover you can just easily have it removed and machine washed it.

Take your pick of the Holsmund sofa bed as it comes in multiple colors which include Nordvalla beige, Medium grey, Orrsta light blue and also Orrsta light white grey. 

Price: Ranges from RM 2,395 to RM2,695

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