King Koil Mattresses Review 2022 | Should you purchase a King Koil Mattress? (Price and Product comparisons)

Are you having persistent back pain? That was me some months back until I realized my mattress was the culprit.

With advancements in technology, I can assure you that sleep is not left out. And sometimes health conditions can be fixed by a sound night’s rest. I realized that I could never attain this until I invested in a quality mattress.

When I shop for a product, I ensure I get objective reviews about the different options available in the market. Some of the factors to look out for are; Price, Quality, Comfort level, Value, and most importantly what others are saying about the mattress brand.

The King Koil Mattress Range

The King Koil Mattress has been in the mattress business since 1898.

In their words they claim to “Bring Sleep Home”, emphasizing how their mattresses are designed to make your sleep a repose, they also say their mattresses give the best spine support.

Has the brand lived true to this claim?

The price offered for the King Koil Mattress is almost four times the cost of other mattresses. Having spent some time doing some research, I concluded it was time to try the Exton Firm King Koil Mattress, under the Intimate series.

We discovered the following:


The Exton Firm costs 8,790.61 MYR, this is not to be considered a budget-friendly option. But my determination to feel the value I was promised superseded the need to care about the budget. Right after my purchase, I realized that they did indeed back the price points!

The cooling effect, the graphite-infused memory foam, and the micro-coils for less partner disruption were effective!


When I bought it, I was impressed with the quality of the material. It felt like it could last me for many years! Just not sure that it could last for more than 5 years. Nonetheless, it should be able to sustain me until my next mattress purchase!

Comfort Level

A luxury item should offer premium value. The Exton Firm King Koil Mattress offers value that matches the price, as well as the promises. I was promised that using the mattress would offer my spine the perfect support that will ensure I never have to suffer any joint pain. Also, when I realized the brand is Chiropractor tested, this put my mind at ease.


In terms of value, the King Koil Mattress is not worth the price it charges, and all the promises made filled but could be better. With 8,376 MYR, you may be able to buy other better mattresses in the market, which will give you more value for your money.


The search for a good mattress will make you realize not all expensive products are great. You will understand to not relent in your search for quality products and quality service. Origin Mattress is intentional about the quality they put out there, and no single mattress is released to the public until it is certified by their team of orthopaedic surgeons.

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