Serta Mattress Review 2023: Best Mattress Guide

The most challenging thing to figure out is where to start when you are looking to replace your crusty old mattress. You may be having a hard time selecting the right material or perhaps, you are unsure of what level of firmness works best for your sleep needs. Mattresses come in a variety of shapes and sizes, so yes! Deciding where to start when shopping for your ideal mattress can be quite a tricky endeavor. Well, there is no need to fret for the sleep experts are here to put an end to your dilemma. 

Before you bid farewell to your old mattress, you will want a mattress that accommodates your sleep needs. To have an idea about which type of mattress is worthy of your consideration, you will need to take a better look at the many features of different mattresses. In this guide and review, we are going to cover an American-made mattress brand that made its way and mark in Malaysia – Serta.


The Serta Athena Mattress is a luxurious medium-soft mattress that is worthy of its steep price tag. Although the Serta Athena Mattress is considered extravagantly priced for a mattress, its exclusive materials and features make up for it. This extraordinary mattress is filled with natural sheep wool which explains its lavish price. The wool along with its Super Pillow Top® and Euro Top gives this mattress its plush feel and incredible comfort. Whereas, its Double Talalay® Latex and HD Gold Series Coil™ 7-Zone Honeycomb Pocket Spring layers accommodate pain relief and proper spine alignment.

The Serta Athena Mattress is encased with ventilated foam to prevent the sides from sagging, the encasement also allows for even support all throughout the sleeper’s body. A mattress such as the Serta Athena Mattress is ideal for side sleepers and those who prefer an insulated surface. Sleepers can rest assured that they will be kept sweat-free and safe from allergies since the Serta Athena Mattress is designed to be impeccably breathable and hypoallergenic. 

Prices and Sizing:

Super Single – RM29,260

Queen – RM36,260

King – RM39,060

Super King – RM41,160


If sleeping hot is not one of your sleep needs, then perhaps Serta’s championing alternative – the iProminence Mattress may be a better choice for those who prefer a cool surface area to lay over top. Significantly lower in price, the Serta iProminence Mattress comes with similar features and benefits as the Serta Athena Mattress. Apart from sharing the same firmness, the Serta iProminence Mattress also consists of comparable materials such as its wool interior, latex layer, 7-zone pocket spring layer and pinhole foam encasements. The Serta iProminence Mattress also features a soft pillow top and Euro Top that creates a cushy surface you can sink into. In spite of their similar features, the Serta iProminence Mattress was specifically created for a contracting group of sleepers. Its Kool Comfort ™ layer and adaptive dynamic cooling system feature help the Serta iProminence Mattress dissipate heat at a quicker rate, keeping sleepers cool and cozy throughout the night. 

Prices and Sizing:

Super Single – RM16,799

Queen – RM21,699

King – RM23,099

Super King – RM25,199

Perfect Sleeper Supreme Suite 

Sleepers who would rather a mattress that prioritizes pain relief and protection can consider the Serta Perfect Sleeper Supreme Suite Mattress. Donning a hybrid combination of 7-zone latex and pocket spring layers, the Serta Perfect Sleeper Supreme Suite Mattress provides exceptional bracing support to sleepers. Its Push Foam and Pulse Latex layers add to the mattress’ bolstering ability by conforming to the sleeper’s curves, keeping the pressure points and backbone safe from damage.

While the Serta Perfect Sleeper Supreme Suite Mattress works remarkably at alleviating pains and aches, it does not shy away from comfort. Its foam encasement, soft Pillow Top and Euro Top surface blends harmoniously with the responsive nature of this mattress, creating a medium-firm feel. The Serta Perfect Sleeper Supreme Suite Mattress integrates ViroSafe™ technology within its layers for extra protection against invisible invaders. 

Prices and Sizing:

Single – RM8,399

Super Single – RM9,099

Queen – RM11,899

King – RM13,299

Super King – RM14,699


Now if you are looking for a mattress that keeps it simple, the Serta Ambassador Mattress is perfect. Because of its soft feel and narrow specifications, the Serta Ambassador Mattress is Ideal for those who fall within the lightweight category and tend to sleep on their sides. Nevertheless, this astounding mattress is just as impressive at supporting the sleeper as it is plush. Its latex and pocket spring layers contribute greatly to securing the spine in its natural alignment and relieving pressure exerted on sensitive points of the body.

Just like the other Serta mattresses, the Serta Ambassador Mattress features ventilated foam encasements on the edges for enhanced breathability and support. The Serta Ambassador Mattress definitely triumphs when sleepers have to endure sweltering nights because of its  Kool Comfort ™ layer atop. 

Prices and Sizing:

Single – RM5,599

Super Single – RM6,299

Queen – RM8,399

King – RM9,099

Super King – RM9,799

Sleeptrue™ Prestige

The Serta Sleeptrue™ Prestige Mattress is a commendable option for those who often find themselves in the ‘freefaller’ position. Stomach sleepers can benefit from this mattress because of its firm feel. The Serta Sleeptrue™ Prestige Mattress is designed for sleepers who struggle with joint and back pain. The exceptional mattress incorporates a pocket spring layer for fortifying support and an Ortho Support foam that prevents motion transfer even as you squirm in your sleep. The Ortho Support foam also shapes itself to the sleeper’s body, constraining the pressure points securely and safely from injuries. Besides its ventilated foam encasement, the Serta Sleeptrue™ Prestige Mattress also incorporates a Coolmax Technology feature that will work wonders against those night sweats. 

Prices and Sizing:

Single – RM2,260

Super Single – RM2,449

Queen – RM3,079

King – RM3,394

Super King – RM3,709

With so many mattresses to pick from, Serta definitely takes the win when it comes to their deluxe mattress collections. However, their varying price range can be a tad bit steep, so if you are leaning towards a mattress that would not break your bank all the while catering to your sleep needs, then we have got just the one.

A Myriad of Wonders 

Who would have thought that one mattress could be the solution to all of your sleep problems? The Origin Hybrid Mattress presents the benefits of a foam, coil and latex mattress. This exceptional mattress comes with a 100% Natural Latex layer, a pocketed-spring layer and a CloudCool™ Memory Foam. 

The Origin Hybrid Mattress was created with the ideal firmness preference in mind. This medium-firm mattress exhibits even more functions than those already mentioned, such as a Plush Tencel™ Pillow Top for deluxe comfort, Zero Motion Isolation Technology for a night of undisturbed slumber and enhanced long-lasting durability that comes through with flying colors. So if you want to know what sleeping on a frosty cloud feels like, look no further because this is the mattress for you!

Prices and Sizing:

Single – RM1,225

Super Single – RM1,531

Queen – RM1,839

King – RM2,487

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