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Silentnight has been a giant in the mattress industry since 1970. The brand boasts an impressive selection of quality mattresses that are designed for better sleep. Its luxurious mattresses are a favorite even among hotels and hospitality services. 

Originating from the UK, Silentnight is Superbrand certified, adding the cherry on top of an already remarkable sundae. It also has a wide range of mattresses that are suitable for not only adults but kids and young children as well. 

What’s more exciting is that Silentnight mattresses are now handmade in Malaysia per Silentnight UK’s guidelines. Silentnight Malaysia is also manufactured by a division King Koil Singapore.

Get to know the mattresses

Silentnight mattresses each contain individual small springs housed in their own separate fabric pockets which respond independently to each other. Each coil helps spread your weight evenly across the bed, providing you with the best kind of support and comfort that is second to none.

The mattresses are also made from 100% natural latex, promising a good night’s sleep as the mattress forms a cocoon-like coziness around your body. 

It is also important to know that most Silentnight mattresses are treated with Ultra-Fresh – anti-dust mites, mold, mildew, and bacteria. 

Types of Silentnight mattresses

Here we will be reviewing 2 popular Silentnight mattresses: Silentnight Devon and Silentnight Kingston.


Silentnight Devon has multiple special features that are guaranteed to give you a blissful slumber throughout the night. 

  • It has a tight top
  • The height is well over 9.5 inches/24 cm
  • It comes with a premium mattress cover
  • The mattress has a high-resilience soft sensation foam
  • It also has a high-resilience foam encasement
  • Its comfort level is medium
  • It is suitable for children and adults


Single (36 inches by 5 inches/91cmX190cm) – RM1511

Super single (42 inches by 75 inches/107cmX190cm) – RM 1712

Queen (60 inches by 75 inches/152cmX190cm) – RM2001

King (72 inches by 75 inches/183cmX190cm) – RM2814


Silentnight The Radisson, however, is a more luxurious option. With a higher price point, it gives you more than a feeling of luxury. 


Silentnight The Radisson, however, is a more luxurious option. With a higher price point, it gives you more than a feeling of luxury. 

  • It has a tight top
  • The height is over 9 inches/23 cm
  • It comes with a European-designed knit mattress cover treated with Ultra-Fresh technology
  • It has a high-resilience soft sensation foam and foam encasement
  • The comfort level is medium soft
  • It is suitable for children and adults


Single (36 inches by 5 inches/91cmX190cm) – RM2798

Super single (42 inches by 75 inches/107cmX190cm) – RM3398

Queen (60 inches by 75 inches/152cmX190cm) – RM4198

King (72 inches by 75 inches/183cmX190cm) – RM5398

Which one should you consider?

In comparison, both mattresses have pretty similar features and specifications with only slight differences. Although one would agree that the most jarring difference between the two models would obviously be the prices. 

Fortunately, though, both mattresses have individually pocketed springs that will adjust to your body weight for luxurious comfort. They also provide tailored support and edge-to-edge springs for maximum sleep space. 

It is also a great comfort to a lot of potential customers to know that pocketed springs are scientifically proven to improve spinal alignment and posture. 

Why you should Switch over to Origin Mattress instead!


If the above features and hefty prices don’t capture your attention, the Origin mattress might be the perfect alternative for you. Not only does it offer even more at a lesser price point, but you might also be saying goodbye to your back problems and restless nights!

Origin Sleep is a German mattress company that has made its wonderful way into Malaysia and Singapore. The Origin Hybrid mattress has greater features and benefits at a much lower price for you to enjoy.

Why Origin Mattress? 

Origin mattress offers 6 layers of unparalleled, luxurious comfort. You will get abundant access to the highest quality materials in the market – memory foam, pocket springs, and latex – all combined into one perfect mattress.

Origin mattress is designed with Malaysians in mind. Not only does it provide optimal spinal alignment and great comfort, but it is also created with a unique cooling technology that is in favor of Malaysia’s unpredictable climate. 

The cooling characteristics of gel-infused memory foam are impeccable, as it takes away the body heat and gives you a cooling sensation. You can now enjoy a seamless sleep without having to worry about night sweats!


There is a stark difference in the pricing compared to Silentnight The Radisson mattress. With more wonderful features and health benefits, Origin mattress outshines the others in terms of affordability. 

Here are the prices for the similar-sized mattresses offered:

  • Single – RM1,225
  • Super single – RM1,531
  • Queen – RM1,839
  • King – RM2,487 


Better performance

Other than the price point, the absence of memory foam and additional layers makes the Silentnight mattresses less impressive than the Origin mattress, giving the latter a significant advantage in comparison. 

Memory foam is exceptionally soft and conforms to your body shape in order to give excellent support and pressure relief. A latex layer adds bounce and reaction to the foam. The materials utilized are of the highest grade, ensuring quality sleep. Furthermore, the multi-layered hybrid construction further enhances durability. 

Another amazing feature would be the zero-motion transfer technology that allows for undisturbed sleep and a glorious night. Do you have a partner who sleeps like they are running a marathon? With this impeccable technology, you no longer have to worry about being woken up in the middle of the night caused by movements and all the tossing and turning. 

For more amazing details, special features, and why it is great for your health, click here


In comparison, the Origin mattress far outweighs the Silentnight mattresses by many excellent factors. Most importantly, you cannot beat the price! Other than that, you get wonderfully efficient customer service and a free 120-day trial. Nothing can beat that offer and I encourage you to check out what Origin has to offer. I can guarantee that you will have no regrets purchasing the Origin mattress, other than blissfully peaceful, uninterrupted sleep.

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